Three products sold separately: Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Seminar Style Slides.

Exam MAS-1 Study Guide Description


Exam MAS-1 Study Guide Sample


Errata 2022 Errata2022MAS1.pdf

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Errata 2019 Errata2019ExamMAS1.pdf  Errata 2018 Errata2018ExamMAS1.pdf

Solutions to the Fall 2019 Exam SolsF19MAS-1.pdf  Solutions to the Spring 2019 Exam SolsS19MAS-1.pdf

Solutions to Fall 2018 Exam SolsF18MAS-1.pdf   Solutions to Spring 2018 Exam SolutionsSp18MAS1.pdf

Solutions to CAS Sample Questions MAS-1SampleQuestions.pdf


Description of Practice Exams DescriptionExamMAS1PracExams.pdf

Sample of MAS-1 Practice Exams (Exam #1) 2022MahlerMAS1Exam#1.pdf

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Description of MAS-1 Seminar Slides DescripSeminarSlidesMAS1.pdf

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