CAS 8, “Mahler’s Guide to Advanced Ratemaking”

For 2017, my Exam 8 study guide is in two parts.

Both parts are now available.

The first part covers Section A of the syllabus: Classification Ratemaking,

and Section C of the syllabus: Catastrophic and Reinsurance Pricing.

Section B of the syllabus: Excess, Deductible, and Individual Risk Rating,

the remainder of the syllabus, is covered in Part 2.

For 2017, the CAS is substituting a Study Note “Individual Risk Rating”.

and part of a monograph “Distributions for Actuaries,” by David Bahnemann

for most of the readings previously in Section B of the syllabus.

Sample 2017 Sample2017Mahler8.pdf


My chapter on the new GLM reading for 2016.


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