I have been writing study guides since 1994. I have continued to update and revise my study guides each year, including the many helpful suggestions of past students.

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Basic Ratemaking (CAS Exam 5), Advanced Ratemaking (CAS Exam 8).

In each case, seminar style slides are sold separately.

I also have practice exams sold separately for: Exam C, Exam MFE, CAS MAS-1.

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“Mahler’s Guide to Regression,” Free. Last updated in 2006.

Dear Prof, I was completely speechless when I got to the 35th question today in less than 2 hours. I had 33 solid answers to all the 35 questions. Mr Bulhmann, Mr Bayes, and Fitting of Loss distributions particularly MLEs was what I encountered. I must say that the SOA uses your style of wording Credibility and Bulhmann problems. I read and did every single problem in your guide within  a month and half. As for your PRACTICE EXAMS, they are TOP NOTCH.

 I am compiling a set of ideas and comments to you as soon as possible. I am buying for GUIDE for Exam MFE next week. Thanks for the INSANE amount of work!!!!  God richly bless you.

 Your happy customer,

                                      Siegfried Kafui Anyomi

Gini Coefficient. Supplement to “Mahler’s Guide to Loss Distributions”