Exam S was last given by the CAS in Fall 2017.


Solutions to Fall 2017 Exam S SolsF17CASExamS.pdf Solutions to Spring 2017 Exam S SolsS17CASExamS.pdf

Solutions to Fall 2016 Exam S SolsF16CASExamS.pdf Solutions to Spring 2016 Exam S SolsS16CASExamS.pdf

Solutions to Fall 2015 Exam S SolsF15CASExamS.pdf

Fall 2016 Supplement to cover Chapter 5 of Cowpertwait,

which discusses Regression of Time Series

which was added to syllabus for Fall 2016. 


Errata 2017 Errata2017ExamS.pdf

Errata Fall 2016 Errata2016FExamS.pdf

Errata 2016 Errata2016ExamS.pdf