The SOA no longer gives exam MFE.

I currently have no products for the successor exam IFM,

which has material in addition to that which was on MFE.

Three products were sold separately: Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Seminar Style Slides.

Exam MFE Study Guide Description




Errata 2018 Errata2018ExamMFE.pdf

Errata 2017 Errata 2017 ExamMFE.pdf

Errata 2016 Errata2016ExamMFE.pdf

Errata 2015 Errata2015ExamMFE.pdf     Errata 2014 Errata2014ExamMFE.pdf

Errata 2012   Errata2012FinEcon.pdf     Errata 2013   Errata2013FinEcon.pdf  

Errata 2011  (Financial Economics is #3) Errata2011C3.pdf

Errata Fall 2010 (Financial Economics is #3)  ErrataC3F10.pdf

Errata Spring 2010 (Financial Economics is #3)  ErrataC3S10.pdf