Exam MAS-1 has new material compared to Exam S:

Loss Distributions, Statistical Learning, and Simulation.

    However, much of the material was on Exam S.

For those who have my Exam S Study Guides:

1. Mahler's Guide to Stochastic Models: Sections 29, 31, 32, 33 no longer on the syllabus.

2. Mahler's Guide to Statistics: some material added.

3. Mahler's Guide to Bayesian Analysis & Conjugate Priors: Not on MAS-1.

4. Mahler's Guide to NonParametric Tests: no longer on the syllabus.

  1. 5.Mahler's Guide to Regression: The detailed formulas for forecasting in my Section 18 are no longer on the syllabus. Some minor additions to the syllabus

6. Mahler's Guide to Generalized Linear Models: some minor additions to the syllabus

7. Mahler's Guide to Life Contingencies: no syllabus changes

8. Mahler's Guide to Reliability Theory: no syllabus changes

9. Mahler's Guide to Time Series: no syllabus changes

Three products sold separately: Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Seminar Style Slides.

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