Exam C Study Guide Description


Supplement for AIC for October 2016 Exam


Sample (Mahler’s Guide to Frequency Distributions)


Ungrouped Data, Section 1 of Loss Distributions  UngroupedData.pdf

Solutions to SOA Sample Questions 300 to 306 SolsSOA300to306.pdf

Supplement for October 2013 Sitting, Revised Sept. 27, 2013 2013OctSuppVer6ExamC.pdf

Errata 2018  Errata2018ExamC.pdf  Errata 2017  Errata2017ExamC.pdf

Errata 2016  Errata2016ExamC.pdf   Errata 2015  Errata2015ExamC.pdf

Errata 2014  Errata2014ExamC.pdf        Errata 2013  Errata2013Exam4.pdf

Errata 2012   Errata2012Exam4.pdf    Errata 2011   Errata2011C4 .pdf

Errata Fall 2010  ErrataC4F10.pdf    Errata Spring 2010  ErrataC4S10.pdf

Three products sold separately: Study Guides, Practice Exams, and Seminar Style Slides.


Practice Exams for C, Description:


Sample (Exam #1) 2018CPracExam#1.pdf

Errata 2018  Errata2018PracticeExamsC.pdf

Errata 2017  Errata2017ExamCPracExams.pdf

Errata 2016  Errata2016CPracticeExams.pdf

Errata Fall2015  ErrataF2015PracticeExamsC.pdf

Errata 2015  Errata2015PracticeExamsC.pdf Errata 2014  Errata2014PracticeExamsC.pdf

Errata 2013  Errata2013PracExams4.pdf    Errata 2012  Errata2012PracExams4.pdf

Seminar Slides for Exam 4/C Description


Sample of Seminar Slides (Frequency Distribution  FreqDist2018Slides.pdf

Errata 2016 Errata2016SlidesC.pdf

Errata 2015 Errata2015ExamCSlides.pdf

Errata 2014 Errata2014Exam4Slides.pdf

Errata 2013  Errata2013Exam4Slides.pdf